Pregnant Mothers Should Wear Seat Belt

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When a woman gets pregnant, there are many changes in which the women should undergo in order to carry out the pregnancy successfully. Some of these changes includes the mothers diet in which foods that are considered good for both the baby and the mother must be selected, the mother’s attire where high heels should not be worn and instead use flat slippers, and also the mother’s physical activities which supposed to include activities tat are not strenuous for the mother but can provide a good physical workout to the mother. These are just some of the changes that a mother must take into consideration while she is having her pregnancy. More so, there are other things which are left unclear among the do’s and don’t of being pregnant, and one of which is the use of seat belts when inside the car.

Experts say that women who are having their pregnancy must wear seat belt when they are driving the car. Other women may find it awkward to actually use seatbelts considering the fact that they are already having big bellies, some may find this uncomfortable because of the pressure that the seat belt is putting into the stomach of the mother. However, there are some ways in which it can be comfortable to the mother to use seat belt while they are inside a car.

According to American Academy of Family Physicians, it is much better for pregnant women to actually use seat belts while they are inside a moving car. This is especially because they are protecting not only the life of the mother, but as well the life of the unborn infant. In fact, here are some of the suggested ways on how to feel comfortable while using seat belt: the seat belt should be position in between the breasts with the lap belt underneath the belly, titling the seat in order to achieve a more comfortable space may be done as well, it is advised that pregnant mothers should occupy the back seat instead of the driver’s seat, and if ever car accidents will occur, it is best to go immediately to the nearest hospital and be check by physician, especially the condition of the unborn child.

Moreover, whether one is pregnant or not, it is better to be safe inside a moving car by following protocols which are designed for the safety of the passengers and drivers.






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