Prenatal Smoking May Lead To Autism?

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If any female smokes at times of her pregnancy, it might augment her child’s threat of elevated functioning autism, a recent research recommends. However the raised threat was mild; say the expert and the investigators discover that there was no link amid the maternal smoking and the various kinds of autism. What the results recommend is that though autism spectrum disorders share various of the similar indications, the subtypes of this disorder possibly has many dissimilar genetic and surrounding reasons which might differ from individual to individual.

We realize that autism spectrum disorders are umbrella term. However what we are displaying is the reaction to surrounding toxin which might differ by autism subtype a child has. This research was posted online in the periodical Environmental Health Perspective.

Conducting the research:

The researcher along with her colleagues observed data on maternal smoking from the birth certificates. This data was then evaluated with the information on 8 year old kids and were under diagnosed with the autism spectrum disorder. Around 13% of the pregnant mothers who smoked and 11 percent of the mothers of children with an ASD smoked at times of pregnancy, the researchers discovered. As per the research, the children born to mothers who smoked at times of their pregnancies had nearly 25% augmented threat of elevated functioning autism like Asperger’s syndrome. But the conclusions did not accomplish any statistical importance.

There are numerous causes why tobacco may raise the threat of autism. It can limit the flow of oxygen to the kids, while the nicotine is realized to interact with the brain and nervous system and all across the placenta into the progressing fetus. There are various possible biological pathways for which nicotine and tobacco could harm the progressing kid.



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