Preterm Infants Put To Risk With C-Sections

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A research which was conducted at by a team of researchers from the Yale School of Medicine demonstrates that a cesarean of popularly called the C-section delivery is linked to the breathing problems of preterm infants. This surgery was initially considered to be risk-free but the research proved that it has prominent impact on the preterm infants who are very small for the gestational age. So if the woman is opting for a c-section, she should know about the consequences that her preterm infant will face.

This research was presented during the 32nd Yearly Communal for Maternal-Fetal Medicine Meeting which was held at Dallas, Texas. This research was presented by an assistant professor, Heather Lipkind who works at Department of Obstetric, Reproductive Sciences and Gynecology at the Yale School of Medicine. He presented this study along with co-author Erika Werner who now works at the John Hopkins School of Medicine. Delivery which occurs ahead of 37 weeks of pregnancy is called the preterm birth and this is a severe health issue which costs U.S approximately $26 billion yearly. This figure is reported in a 2006 Institution of Medicine statement.

The investigators assessed 8 years of birth credential along with the hospital discharge documents for nearly 2885 preterm infants who were thought small for the gestational age. Cesareans or C-sections are frequently performed for infants diagnosed with a particular problem of intrauterine growth restriction which means that they are unable to grow sufficiently in the womb. Lipkind along with her team discovered that infants delivered by a C-Section ahead of 34 weeks of pregnancy had elevated possibility of being diagnosed with respiratory distress syndrome. The augmented odds continued after controlling for ethnicity education, maternal age, pre-pregnancy weight and diabetes etc. They say that additional research is required to ascertain the most favorable mode of delivery with such population.



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