Prevention and Diagnosis of Drug Use With Smartphones

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A team of clinical researchers from the University of Massachusetts Medical Institution are pooling a creative assemblage of technologies like the smart-phone programming, artificial intelligence, wireless connectivity and biosensors. The main objective is to create a device which is designed to detect the psychological stressors linked with the cravings of the drugs and respond with the help of user-tailored behavioral interventions which avoid substance application. The initial data about the media device, known as iHeal was printed online first in Periodical of Medical Toxicology. As per the study, most of the behavioral interference used to diagnose patients, are not effective outside of the regulated clinical settings where they are trained.

This failure can be accredited to number of factors which includes a patient’s capability to acknowledge the biological alterations which indicate the mounting threat of relapse and an inability to alter their behaviors to condense health risk.  Researchers are now designing a mobile device which makes use of enabling technologies which can be applied to make behavioral interference for substance abusers much effectual outside the office environments or clinic. The consequences of their work, iHeal, encompass sensors to measure the psychological alterations and ascertain trigger points for dangerous health behaviors.

Individuals who have a history of post traumatic stress disorder and substance abuse were asked to wear the sensor band of iHeal around their wrist which measured the electrical activity of the body motion, skin, heart rate and skin temperature – these are indicators of stress.  This device transmits the information through wireless connections to the smart phone, where the software applications of the phone analyze and process the patient’s or user’s psychological data. This information is then applied to ascertain the drug cravings and deliver customized, multimedia drug prevention interference accurately at the moment of high intellectual need.



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