Prohibited foods for hemorrhoid sufferers

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Hemorrhoids are swollen veins in the lower rectum and anus. They may result from straining during bowel movements or pressure on the veins during pregnancy. Symptoms of hemorrhoids include bleeding, itching and general discomfort.

The body has several ways to signal that something is not right. If you suffer from hemorrhoids, perhaps your diet is not healthy. When you make unhealthy food choices, your health will be affected. If you suffer from hemorrhoids, by adopting a specific diet you can shrink swollen veins.


1. Overview
2. Refined grains
3. Alcohol
4. Other food recommendations

Refined grains

Foods low in fiber can lead to hemorrhoids. Fiber helps determine an increase in volume, but also make the stool soften, making it easy to remove, without that effort that contributes to the development of hemorrhoids. Some foods low in fiber includes refined grains (white bread, white rice, baked bread and pastry products, but also some sweets).

Experts recommend eating high fiber cereals, if you suffer from hemorrhoids: whole grains are included in the composition of wholemeal bread, brown rice and oatmeal. Other good sources of fiber are fruits and vegetables.

Along with refined cereals, there are other foods that you should avoid in your diet for hemorrhoids: fruit without bark, poultry, eggs, dairy products (especially those high in fat). You may need to limit or reduce the amount of these foods in your daily menu.


Inadequate fluid intake can cause hemorrhoids. It is advisable to avoid alcohol, in order to reduce or to control symptoms. Alcohol can cause body dehydration and this phenomenon can cause tension when you remove the feces. This will increase the pressure in the rectum and the hemorrhoids might occur. Drink 6-8 glasses of water per day.

Other food recommendations

Along with fruits, vegetables and whole grains, but also an adequate consumption of water, you can eat berries. Berries help reduce pain and inflammation associated with external hemorrhoids. Cherries, blueberries, blackberries have a great effect on strengthening veins and eliminate inflammation. It works faster when consumed as juice, considering that this way the nutrients will reach faster in the blood and the results will be faster.

Onion, garlic and ginger should be part of your regular diet if you have hemorrhoids. Olive oil and flaxseed oil are great for the digestive system and aids in healing hemorrhoids.

Fish oil and it is recommended for people suffering from hemorrhoids. Water, lemon juice, cayenne pepper and cider vinegar are great ways you can help the body to heal from inside.



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