Propolis tincture

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Propolis tincture or extract of propolis is derived from bee propolis. Bee propolis is processed and then used to seal the hives.

Bees mix saliva, beeswax and sap collected from trees and plants. Because bee propolis is made up of so many compounds (over 300), it has many beneficial properties for human nutrition and treatment conditions.

Propolis tincture is one of the most popular forms in which can be found the bee propolis. Propolis can also be found as powder, ointment, mouth spray and capsules. Its popularity is due to its many uses, in various forms, for treatment of various diseases.


1. Overview
2. The health benefits of propolis tincture
3. Precautions

The health benefits of propolis tincture

Here are the benefits of propolis tincture:

- Anti-inflammatory role – Propolis can be used as anti-inflammatory agent when used topically or ingested. Researchers found that it is excellent for healing wounds, both external and internal, including ulcers. Due to the fact that propolis is an anti-inflammatory, it is also useful for respiratory infections because it can reduce any inflammation that can aggravate breathing.

- Antibacterial benefits – Propolis has been shown to fight bacteria and plaque in the mouth. It is also effective in cleaning wounds, in order to prevent infection and thus help in the fight against respiratory infections as mentioned above.

- Antiviral benefits – Propolis tincture can be helpful in controlling an outbreak of herpes. Numerous studies have shown that propolis can destroy some viruses, including herpes simplex virus type 2.

- Benefits for women – tincture can be helpful for women suffering from certain hormonal conditions or bleeding. Propolis can be helpful for women suffering from PMS and women who are assaulted by unpleasant hot flashes during menopause. Beyond these benefits for women, bee propolis has shown positive effects in women suffering from various types of bleeding and infertility.

- Health & Beauty – Propolis tincture build its way even in the beauty industry. Most women and even some men are very aware of the benefits of bee products in the beauty maintenance.

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Beeswax, honey and other such products are used in soaps, lotions and other cosmetic products that help skin become supple and light in a natural way. Although research is ongoing, some studies suggest that antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of bee propolis can help fight acne.


Just like any other product derived from bee, allergic reactions can occur when using propolis tincture. There is also evidence that bee propolis may interact with certain anticancer drugs and can be harmful to pregnant women or nursing, so it is recommended that before using propolis tincture to ask for the doctor’s permission.



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