Prostate Cancer and New Drugs

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After a decade and half of close stagnation, four novel drugs can assist make an advanced prostate cancer a chronic disease rather than a terminal disease, admitted by a leading Colorado Prostate Cancer professional. It is not only chemotherapy but the drugs also have innovative and different approaches of action. These are more effective hormone agent, bone protective agent, drug tested for cancer immunotherapy and radiotherapy, says E.David Crawford, MD and researcher and head at the oncology urologic at the University of Colorado Hospital. Without any more drugs, they now possess tools which when combined can permit them to extend the survival prognosis of a patient suffering from prostate cancer.

Along with few researchers, MD, Crawford presents these progresses in the treatment of prostate cancer in a current review for the periodical Oncology. The first drug is Denosumab, which has three applications in protecting the bones of the patients suffering from prostate cancer. It helps in preventing bone fractures in individuals with persisting bone metastasis. It also helps in preventing osteoporosis in the patients when their calcium level is depleted due to the side effect of the hormone therapy. The other drug Alpharadin is capable of emitting radiation and allows the doctors to accurately deliver the radiation to the tumor sites. Then the drug Prostvac, is applied for curing cancer.

This drugs acts like a vaccine and primes the immune system to acknowledge and thereby fight against the prostate tumor cells. Finally the drug Abiraterone Acetate absolutely suppresses the ability of the body to produce testosterone, which most of the prostate tumors require growing. The researchers submit that these drugs are now getting approved for application after the failure if many established therapies. There is a hope that these drugs will have an accelerated use in the coming years.



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