Protecting Immune System, A New Therapy for Cancer

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In an article which was published in Nature Medicine, researchers from Loyola reported about a promising novel technique which could potentially transform the killer T cells of the immune system, into much effective weapons against the possible cancer and the infections.  This procedure involves delivering the DNA into the instructor cells of the immune system. The DNA is responsible for directing the cells in overproducing a particular protein which jumpstarts the imperative killer T cells. These killer cells are particularly repressed in individuals who suffer from cancer or HIV, admitted Jose A. Guevara Patino.

The researcher along with his colleagues reported that their procedure will prove to be effective in jumpstarting imperfect immune system in mice that are immuno-compromised and in killer T cells of the human beings, which are taken from the individuals suffering from HIV.  He said that a clinical trial in patients suffering from cancer could initiate in just 3 years. The research involved CD8 T cells which are called the killer cells and their instructor cells which are also called the antigen-presenting cells. CD8 T cells are instructed by the instructor cells to become killer T cells so that they can kill the cancer or the infected cells. They are also instructed to remain active, in case they reencounter the pathogens or in case the cancer cells come back.

Besides getting instructions from the instructor cells, CD8 T cells are also given assistance in becoming effectual killer cells. The killer T cells are incapable of doing anything without their assistance. In this study, snippets of DNA were discharged into the skin instructor cells and these instructed the instructor sells to generate particular proteins. When these cells interacted with the CD8 T cells, the keys unlocked the CD8 T cell’s killer characteristics. Hence these studies will help in diagnosing many diseases including cancer.



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