Protein needs during pregnancy

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Recommended protein intake for pregnant women is 70 g per day, both of animal and vegetable origin: meat, fish, yolks, milk, cheese, bread, etc. Generally, the pregnancy diet covers or exceeds the daily protein needs, except for women belonging to high risk groups (vegan or lower-class women)

Training, maintenance and renewal of fetal and maternal body tissues require the accumulation of large reserves of protein. The protein intake ratio during pregnancy must be increased slowly, reaching to a total of 70 g per day the third quarter This surplus are explained by the fact like the mother produces new tissue, storing protein its own tissues These protein reserves will serve in the second half of pregnancy
Recommended protein intake is provided automatically and even exceeded through daily diet

20 g of protein can be provided by one of the following:
– 100 g of meat (fish, poultry, organ)
– 2 eggs
– A pint of milk
– 4 yogurts
– 180 g of cheese



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