Prozac vs Cymbalta

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Prozac and Cymbalta are well known anti-depressants. Both drugs treat depression in different ways and as such, each of these drugs has its own properties which a patient must be aware of. Knowledge of these properties is important because it can promote safety in taking both drugs.

Here are some basic information about taking Prozac vs. Cymbalta that we need to be aware of:

What We Need To Know About Prozac vs. Cymbalta?

Prozac and Cymbalta are both anti-depressant drugs, thus they are able to treat depressed patients. Prozac has the generic name Fluoxetine, whereas Cymbalta is part of the Duloxetine generic name. Cymbalta is an SSNRI which means that this drug targets the levels of Serotonin and Norepinephrine in our brain. On the other hand, Prozac is an SSRI which means that Prozac targets the level of Serotonin in the brain.

Contraindications Before Taking Prozac vs. Cymbalta

Before you can be prescribed with Prozac, you will need to be assessed for the following conditions:

-          Liver and kidney disease;

-          Diabetes Mellitus;

-          Personal or family history of bipolar disease;

-          Psychotic attacks;

-          Seizures and convulsions;

-          Previous suicidal attempts;

-          Allergic reaction; and

-          Pregnancy and lactation.

On the other hand, Cymbalta may be contraindicated for the following health conditions. Be sure to have these confided with your physician:

-          Narrow Angled Glaucoma;

-          MAOIs, especially when taking within the last 14 days;

-          Family or personal history of Bipolar disorders (manic-depressive);

-          Suicidal ideation;

-          Kidney and liver diseases; and

-          Pregnancy and lactation.

How Prozac vs. Cymbalta Need To Be Taken?

Both Prozac and Cymbalta must be taken with a glass of water. These drugs can be taken with or without food and must be taken in the exact amount prescribed by the physician. These drugs must not be stopped from being taken without the permission of the physician as doing so may lead to withdrawal signs and symptoms.

Special Precautions When Taking Prozac vs. Cymbalta

Unhealthy interactions may occur when Prozac is taken with the following medications:

-          Drugs containing Fluoxetine;

-          Drugs for appetite suppression (-fluramine drugs);

-          MAOIs or Mono-Amine Oxidase Inhibitors;

-          Procarbazine;

-          Pimozide;

-          Thiorizadine and

-          Tryptophan.

Also, with Cymbalta, here are the drugs which should be avoided by the patient:

-          Diet drugs/ Appetite suppressant drugs;

-          MAOIs or Mono-Amine Oxidase Inhibitors;

-          SSRIs or Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors;

-          Venlafaxine

-          Tryptophan; and

-          Procarbazine.

Side Effects When Taking Prozac vs. Cymbalta

The following side effects may be exhibited upon taking Prozac:

-          Allergic reaction to the medication;

-          Chest tightness and difficulty breathing;

-          Fast and irregular heart beat;

-          Seizures and convulsions;

-          Previous suicidal attempts;

-          Tremors;

-          Trouble sleeping or insomnia;

-          Easy bleeding and bruising;

-          Feeling of weakness and tiredness; and

-          Flu-like signs and symptoms.

Similarly, patients taking Cymbalta may also exhibit side effects like those who are taking Prozac:

-          Abnormal bleeding and bruising

-          Allergic reaction to the drugs;

-          Confusion and hallucinations/ Detachment from reality;

-          Seizures and convulsions;

-          Suicidal thoughts; and

-          Fast and irregular heart rate;




  1. Tony Hogben says:

    I am an Alzheimers/Dementia sufferer and I use Cymbalta to treat this isnsidious disease with “miraculous” results. P
    Regards…..Tony Hogben.

  2. …this is a current update of my 2011 comments………after much further trial and error, I am now taking Cymbalta 30 mg once a day, so Adrenalin must be doing something right for me , I am back to where I was in 2003 and my life is progressing normally, instead of a mad rush into oblivion and death……Tony Hogben……01_04_2013 ……..

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