Prozac vs Paxil

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Prozac and Paxil are two popular medications in treating depression. However, knowing what these drugs are for is not enough! We have to be familiar with the contraindications of each drug, corresponding side effects and the like. More especially because these are psychoactive drugs, we have to be watchful of the potentially harmful side effects.

What We Need To Know About Prozac vs. Paxil?

Prozac (Fluoxetine) and Paxil (Paroxetine) are both drugs of choice for depression. However, there are other conditions which Fluoxetine can treat like OCD and panic attacks.

Both Prozac and Paxil are SSRIs meaning they regulate the amount of serotonin inside our brain to keep our moods normal and correct the clinical signs of depression.

Contraindications Before Taking Prozac vs. Paxil

During your check-ups, your physician must be able to assess the following diseases and conditions:

-          Diabetes Mellitus;

-          Bipolar disorder;

-          Liver conditions;

-          Seizures and convulsion;

-          Previous attempts to do suicide;

-          Psychosis;

-          Allergic reaction to similar drugs; and

-          Pregnancy and lactation.

As for taking Paxil, the following conditions must be given emphasis before taking the drug:

-          Bipolar disorder;

-          Heart, kidney and liver diseases;

-          Those receiving ECT;

-          Seizures and convulsions;

-          Suicidal attempts;

-          Allergic reaction to similar drugs; and

-          Pregnancy and lactation.

How To Take Prozac vs. Paxil?

Both medications can be taken with a glass full of water. The correct amount of dose should be taken—not more, not less than the amount prescribed. When taking Paxil, it should be measured using a real medicine glass. Do not use an ordinary table spoon when measuring as it may not give you the correct amount of dose.

Special Precautions When Taking Prozac vs. Paxil

Do not take Prozac when you are currently taking the following drugs:

-          Similar drugs containing Fluoxetine;

-          Diet drugs and appetite suppressants;

-          MAOIs;

-          Procarbazine;

-          Pimozide;

-          Thioridazine; and

-          Tryptophan.

As for taking Paxil, these drugs should also be taken note of and avoided:

-          Similar drugs containing Paroxetine;

-          appetite suppressants;

-          MAOIs;

-          Pimozide;

-          Thioridazine

-          Procarbazine; and

-          Tryptophan.

Side Effects When Taking Prozac vs. Paxil

There are side effects which one needs to take notice of while taking Prozac:

-          Allergic reaction to the drug like itchiness, swelling, rashes, and chest tightness;

-          Fast heart beat and palpitations;

-          Confusion;

-          Seizures and convulsions;

-          Suicidal thoughts;

-          Trembling;

-          Difficulty sleeping;

-          Feeling of body weakness and fatigue;

-          Vomiting; and

-          Flu-like symptoms.

Similarly, the following side effects are also possible to occur when taking Paxil:

-          Allergic reaction to the drug;

-          Black and tarry stool;

-          Palpitations and increased heart rate;

-          Detachment from reality;

-          Painful and extended erection;

-          Seizures and convulsions;

-          Difficulty urinating;

-          Abnormal bleeding;

-          Weakness and fatigue; and

-          Nausea and vomiting.

This is not a complete list of all the side effects that may happen while taking Prozac vs. Paxil. Make sure you report any unusual signs and symptoms to your physician.




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