Pupils: Window To A Person’s Mind

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A study published in the newspaper “Perspective on Psychology Science” puts forward that eyes are window to mind or your soul. On measuring the diameter of an important part of the eye, pupil, they say that it changes its size when there is more light. This shows that the person is paying more attention to the light. This is called pupillometry, and is used for the following:

  • Infants
  • Humans
  • Children
  • Animals
  • Clinical psychology
  • Social psychology

Authors say that this should be used for more applications than the ones mentioned above. Pupils are well known because of their changing size in the light. It opens wide in light and shrinks in the dark. This helps the retina which is at the back of eye, away from becoming overwhelmed due to bright light. From the University of Oslo, Bruno Laeng says that, something similar occurs in response to the psychology stimuli. When individuals want to look at something they want to give attention to, their pupil augments. Till now, no clear reasons have supported this cause. But this proved that the pupils of the eyes enlarge whenever the individuals see something interesting. Normally if you show amnesia patients a series of images, and then take a short break, then again show them another series of images. They will fail to realize which ones they saw first and second time.

The researchers then studied the pupils of such patients and came to the conclusion that when they did this test, the patients in actual responded to the pictures which were shown to them earlier. In some way this is excellent news since this shows that some of the brains of such patients, even unknown to themselves, has the capability of making dissimilarity. This study can also be useful in case of small babies, since the infants can’t speak what they are paying attention to.  A researcher can show two images side by side, to the child and ascertain which one the child is looking at. The technology for measuring the pupils already exists and this is the eye tracking technology, which is used by the modern day psychologists. Laeng is hoping to convince many other psychological researchers to apply and use this method.




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