Quality of Life: Better Among Those Who Quit Smoking

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Smoking is already considered a global health problem which should be address immediately for reasons which include health concerns and environmental concerns this is especially because not only the adults are into smoking, but as well as teenagers are already hitting up their cigars. Many government states have now made their move in an attempt to lessen the number of individuals who are lighting up their cigarettes. New policies have been launched which delved on banning of cigarette smoking in enclosed public areas. Also, because of the fact the quitting smoking is never easy; many government programs are launched in order to help many smokers to quit smoking. These government programs include telephone lines which are available 24 hours, counseling for smoking cessation, and medical interventions for those who are in need to quit smoking.

Recently, according to a new study, although quality of life have decreased for all smokers, still quality of life among smoke quitters has become better as compared to other individuals who are continuing to smoke.

The new study which was published online in the Annals of Behavioral Medicine involved the analysis and evaluation of data gathered from about 1,504 individuals in Wisconsin. These study participants were composed of mostly women about 58 per cent, and 84 per cent were white. The data were gathered from the result of the survey dated back year 2005 and 2007 where the study participants were also part of it.

In the study, the researchers followed the participants for about three years. The participants were designated to be in one of the six groups. The groups are composed of participants who are using drug bupropion, nicotine patches, and nicotine lozenges, and combination of the said aids or placebo. Aside from these aids, they were supplemented with smoking cessation counseling in order to help then quit the habit.

During the follow up, researchers tested for the blood samples of the study participants in order to rule out if the participants had already quit smoking. Researchers also asked questions which deemed measures the quality-of-life of the study participants.

Moreover, investigators of the study found out that there were declines in the quality of life of all the groups, but among those who quitted the habit of smoking had better quality of life outcomes as compared to those who have continued smoking.




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