Quick Hangover Remedies

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You are most definite about it—you have to be present in the office on a Saturday to finish up a pile of paper works. But this clique of yours just wouldn’t allow you to skip the usual Friday night catch-ups and fun. Absolutely, booze is already a default on the menu and your friends wouldn’t let this night pass without having you take some shots. But what about your tasks the morning after? Do you think you could make it to the next day without getting a bit of a hangover?

Alcohol is a traitor—it will make you laugh, rejoice and forget some problems and stresses in life but at the end of the day it will give you another misery—that is hangover. Hangover affects a lot of people and it presents with headache, nausea and vomiting, inability to move around and a feeling that your eyes are being crushed by a machine. Getting hangover remedies is important in order to perform the necessary tasks and routines scheduled after a night of fun and merrymaking. Here are some quick hangover remedies which you might want to consider:

Drink Plenty of Water

This is a sure way—not only in curing a hangover but also in preventing one from happening. Drink plenty of water before you engage in drinking alcohol. Also, make sure you chase the alcohol with a lot of water, too. After the drinking session, plunge yourself with a good amount of water, as well.

Also, drinking enough water will promote excretion of this alcohol through your urine—thus alcohol won’t be able to stay in the blood stream for too long. The downside of this is that you will feel urinary frequency—but that’s just okay as mainly, it is due to alcohol’s diuretic effect.

Exercise the Morning After

We understand how lifeless and fatigued you may feel the morning after an alcoholic night—but the thing is, if you start stretching your bones and commit yourself to sweat, your blood will flow more efficiently inside your system, and into your brain leading to the decrease in the signs and symptoms of hangover.

Teaspoons of Honey

Upon waking up—head straight to your kitchen and get your jar of honey inside the fridge. Take two to six teaspoons of honey in twenty to thirty minute interval. Do these steps until you feel relief from hangover. Honey contains a rich amount of potassium which counteracts the effects of alcohol in your body. Similarly, honey also contains the sugar “fructose” which speeds up the liver’s metabolism of alcohol.

Take Probiotics

Many causes of hangover are due to the effect of alcohol in the normal flora of our stomach and intestines. One good way of countering these effects is through boosting your stomach’s normal flora by taking Probiotics.

Take Probiotics the morning after you drink alcohol—also, taking Probiotics daily is recommended if you want to keep your digestive tract healthy.

Follow these quick and easy steps and surely, you would be able to drive safely to your office and do your work without feeling any discomforts…as if nothing happened last night!





  1. Lots of water + Banana (potassium) + probiotic supplement (a good quality one, not the fad yoghurt drinks) + coffee (1 sugar) + a bit of exercise + a shower or bath + a carb rich brunch = hangover gone! That’s my habitual sunday routine, works a treat! ; )

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