Quitting Smoking… Online?

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Stopadvisor is a recent web based program which helps in giving up smoking. This program takes the smokers from preparing for the aimed giving up date to the quit date itself. This is accomplished by proving expert recommendations by means of a combination of communicative menus and customized sessions. Prior to the giving up date, it motivates the consumers to report prominent information that the program shall be used to aid them in overcoming the complexities which they might encounter along their way of giving up.

How was the research conducted?

In their research, Susan Michie and Robert West from the University of London describe the progress of the process of StopAdvisor intervention. Their work will appear online in TBM, policy; practice Research which was printed by Springer. Since smoking still continues to be the largest single avoidable cause of premature death and illness all across the world, there is urgent need to look for better ways to help the smokers in giving up smoking. The internet has great potential and is very economic per user. This program is the result of an observation, synthesis and analysis of 19 theoretical principles and 33 proofs or hypothesis based behavior modification techniques, 9 principles from user testing and 26 web designing principles. It is crafted to be alluring and efficient amongst all the social groups. So as to make the stopadvisor relevant to all communal groups, the user testing was held amid the less educated and trained smokers in less paid jobs.

What is exceptional about the investigation team’s approach is that they make use of platform which is open source web development. This permits the investigators to examine the individual elements of their intervention and then adjust them as they go along, depending on the users and the feedback of the researcher all through the development period.



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