Reduction in Heart Attacks and Deaths with Weight Loss Surgery

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Researchers from Sweden reported as the weight loss surgeries help in reducing the danger of having stroke, heart attacks and consequent deaths. These benefits in the health of your heart are caused by certain changes occurring in the metabolism that are seen after getting the weight loss surgery done. These changes can be more due to the production of insulin than the loss in weight, they said.

A”Bariatric surgery is associated with about 30 percent reduction both in the incidence of heart attack and stroke,” said lead researcher Dr. Lars Sjostrom, a professor at the University of Gothenburg’s Institute of Medicine.

“Body mass index before the operation does not predict the surgical treatment effect, while insulin concentration before surgery is strongly related to future benefit,” he said.

The stomach is altered in bariatric surgery which may reduce the quantity of food to eat or getting it digested. After the disclosure of these facts several professionals took the weight loss operation as it based on the measurements of weight, height and maintaining body mass index.

“Before, we thought surgery was a shortcut for patients who didn’t have the willpower to lose weight on their own,” said Dr. Francesco Rubino, chief of gastrointestinal metabolic surgery at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City. However, for patients with uncontrolled diabetes or heart disease, surgery might be life-saving, he said.

The researchers told that the studies to discover the strategies to lose weight through surgery and its benefits were initiated in 1987 and resulted in a publication of a journal of American Medical Association on 4th of January this year. It was the first study that revealed these heart problem related benefits for the first time alongwith the surgery to loose weight.

The researchers examined the facts provided by the Swedish Obese Subject studies which were based on the behavior of about 200 patients of obese who undergone the bariatric surgery in comparison to other nearly 2000 people who did not undergone to this surgery but all of them were white, middle aged and obese, leaving all other health conditions aside.

The results of this experiment were revealed after a gap of 14 years which shown that 28 of the operated persons died in the meanwhile in comparison to 49 of non-operated ones. 199 of operated persons met with first heart attack against 234 of non-operated ones. Though no significant relation could be established between heart problems and weight loss surgery, but it has been proved through various other experiments.






  1. Although saving lives is a definite positive, I do share the concern that this can be a shortcut for patients who don’t have the willpower to lose weight on their own..
    According to UK figures in 2009 60.8 per cent of adults and 31.1 per cent of children are overweight., so it is important that people realise that the best way to prevent these dangers, is to eat sensibly and take regularly exercise.

    The surgery should be seen as the last resort.

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