Researchers discuss studies of bird flu at W.H.O.

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A team of researchers met behind the locked doors on Thursday and debated over the controversial study on an altered form of bird flu which has the capacity to multiply amongst the human beings also. A two day meeting was organized by the WHO (World Health Organization) where researchers were called to debate on the studies of H5N1 virus. These studies were stopped by the international researchers on January 20 as they feared damage if it were to break out the laboratory.  The WHO is anticipated to report on the decisions which were made during the meeting late last Friday.

There were 22 participants and they included two groups of representatives and researchers of the scientific periodical Science and Nature, who were requested to withhold the publication. These participants shall debate the particular circumstances and findings of the two studies and shall try to reach mutually about the practical activities to provide solution to determine the most significant and urgent issues. Stress was laid to solve those particular issues which were linked to access and distribution of the findings of these investigation studies, as reported by the World Health Organization.

The reports said that Avian influenza H5N1 is principally transmitted amid two birds and rarely infects the human beings. This statement removed the misconception of the researchers who initially thought that bird flu could also infect human beings. Two separate groups of researchers, one from Netherlands and another from the United States of America discovered ways behind last year which could engineer the virus so that it might be infected among mammals. This breakthrough raised the concern that the method might fall in wrong hands and unleash an immense flu pandemic which could cost many lives. Researchers then agreed to put a stop to their studies for about 60 days so that they could attend the international discussion on this matter.



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