Researchers Map Tissue Barrier of Brain

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Researchers from the University of Copenhagen have reported that a previously unknown biological function in the most significant part of the brain is the blood brain barrier. Researchers now are familiar that the barrier assists maintaining a committed balance of glutamate, which is an important signal element in the brain. The investigation results have just been printed in a periodical GLIA. Glutamate is the most significant activating transmitting compound in the brain. Though important in small amount, it is poisonous for the brain if the concentration of this element turns out to be high. Noise in the signal lines of the brain might have fatal effects and is engaged in neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia and sclerosis. Till now the scientists have considered that the glutamate balance was maintained by intimation amid various kinds of cells in the brain.

They know that the blood-brain barrier has an important part in the method by vacuuming the brain fluid for high concentration of glutamate, which is then forced into the blood where it will not have any adverse impact. This is novel knowledge which might have an enormous impact on the drug development in future. They have charted a biological mechanism which other researchers eventually can try to impact chemically. Lack of oxygen in brain increases remarkably the glutamate level in the brain fluid, which kick starts a poisonous sequence reaction which kills the cells, explains assistant professor Briger Brodin.

The researchers have found novel mechanism in the blood brain barrier as they were making efforts to research how the amino acids reach the brain. Many noticeable discoveries have occurred to some extent. They initiate by having a hypothesis that they want to research. They tested the hypothesis in the lab and many times got unexpected results. However unexpected results led them to novel paths and scientific breakthrough.



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