Researchers Say That Eva Peron May Have Had Undergone Lobotomy Secretly

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In the 1940s and 1950s, the well-known glamorous first lady of Argentina was Eva Peron. She was the second wife of President Juan Peron and became part of Argentina’s history with her rise to power and struggles. There had been many controversies surrounding the mystery of her heartbreaking death in July 26, 1952. It provoked public grieving among the citizens. Her body was embalmed, but it disappeared and was recovered 14 years after. As the mystery continues, the researchers remain hopeful with their new findings.

According to scientific researchers in a new report published on the website of the academic journal World Neurosurgery, Eva Peron may have undergone a secret lobotomy shortly prior to her death at 33 years of age.

Yale University’s Daniel Nijensohn, leader of the research and originated from Argentina, said that the photographic proof solidly hints that Peron received the then-popular but now atypical brain operation, lobotomy, so that she can deal well with her cancer-associated pain before she died in 1952. The report elaborated that Eva Peron experienced an unbearable intractable pain and elevated levels of anxiety, agitation and hostility because of metastatic uterine cancer at the end of her short life.

According to Nijensohn, their evidence suggests that Peron was given a prefrontal lobotomy in the last months of her life in 1952. This top-secret operation, common then to treat such clinical conditions, may have been completed in Buenos Aires. The study highlights Peron’s health as having been a concern of vicious attention, together with the other events in her life involving turbulent political periods. She was further portrayed in the musical “Evita” by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber and in a movie by             Madonna. This can elucidate the reason the lobotomy, wherein severing of sensory impulses is done, would have been hidden for such a long time.

The researchers said that the sensitive nature of the surgical procedure and its political and emotional consequences is still pertinent currently and can be possibly provocative even if a long period has already passed. Furthermore, George Udvarhelyi, a neurosurgeon who passed away in 2010 and believed to partake in Peron’s medical team, uttered clearly having done a lobotomy. The researchers searched for the X-rays, photographs and video footage shot during a documentary. They then discovered the tattletale indications of cavities and a deep indentation said to have been due to the surgery. Moreover, the report stated that photographs of Eva near the end of her life illustrate her looks—shrunken and lobotomized—having had a notable indentation at the coronal area of the head.

Nonetheless, the investigators adheres that it is not presently possible to absolutely confirm the prefrontal lobotomy. They added that exhumation is not an imminent choice and will not be for a long period. They hope that historians in the future can unravel the truth about this through examining Peron’s skull, as they seek for any burr hole that would have been the access point of the instruments needed in lobotomy.




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