Restricted Variety Diets—Do They Work?

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Decreasing individual’s alternatives for junk foods helps those getting back to cut on the quantity of kilojoules that they intake in form junk food, however it does not help them in reducing weight as per the research. Restricting variety was helpful for decreasing consumption for that kind of food group. However it has appeared that the compensation has taken place in other parts of the diet even. In other words, individuals seem to make up for just few kilos in the limited food group by consuming more kilojoules from other kind of foods.

The findings provide a warning note to the dieters restricting their food variety like the less carbohydrate diet to be careful of all the kilojoules coming in and not only those from the aimed food group.

Modify lifestyle to shed off the extra weight:

Earlier research has shown that individuals with less variety in their diet appear to be more accomplished and successful in shedding off their weight and keeping it remaining like this. The researcher said that she wanted to see if limiting the alternatives for high kilojoules, low nutrients food like chips, ice-cream and cookies can help in shedding weight. The researcher along with her colleagues questioned 200 obese and overweight adults to make changes in lifestyle which are aimed in losing weight. These involved taking part in a daily group meeting which discussed healthy behaviors like consuming kilojoule – less diet and augmented physical activity. Most of the individuals in the research were asked to restrict their intake of junk food in their diet. The idea is that monotony on the menu card results in lack of interest towards the food. Hence it is clear that the more variety you have before you, the maximum you eat.



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