Results of the Surgeries Are Not Affected By the Time the Surgeries Were Done

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When a certain individual was detected or diagnosed by the health care professional to have some abnormality in his body, one recommendation that the health care professional can suggest is the initiation of surgery. However, in most instances, health care providers and many patients consider surgeries as their last option. This is because aside from the fact that they will be experiencing a lot of distress because of too much anticipation of what will be the results of the surgery, the cost of surgery also counts a lot.

In addition, surgeries can hinder the individual from doing the things he usually do because of the stitches and other factors which should be considered in order to facilitate healing. For this reason, researchers conducted several studies in order to find various measures and strategies on how to improve the healing process of an individual right after the surgery. Many factors were considered which includes both external and internal factors.

Recently, a new study claimed that one factor which is the time of the surgery does not affect at all the results of the surgery in terms of having post-operative complications or even leading to death.

The new study which will appear in the December issue of the journal Anesthesia & Analgesia involves the analysis and examination of data gathered from outcomes of about more than 32,000 elective surgeries. These surgeries were dated back in between the year of 2005 and 2010. Researchers found out that the timing of surgery does not affect possible post-operative complications. Specifically, the study revealed that the total complication rate noted among the study participants was about 13 per cent before discharge. Also, the overall risk of death for a 30 days period of time after the surgery was done is about 0.43 per cent.

Moreover, in order for the researchers to have accurate findings, they had adjusted other factors which should be taken into account. After which, they have discovered that the risks of complications or even death were not significantly affected by the timing of the surgery ranging from about 6 a.m. to 7 in the evening. In addition, the month of the year such as July where most number of new resident doctors is expected also do not have any bearing for the risk of post-operative complications.




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