Rich Fat Diet Intake Aids in Diabetes Management

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Individuals suffering from type 2 diabetes are generally recommended to intake a low fat diet. However, presently a research at the Linkoping University displays that the food which has excess fat and less carbohydrates might have an excellent impact on the levels of blood sugar as well as blood lipids. The findings of the 2 year old research which was led by Hans Guldbrand who is a professor of Internal Medicine, are being printed in the periodical Diabetologia, a much popular journal. Approximately 61 individuals were engaged in the research of type 2 diabetes or the adult onset diabetes. They were haphazardly divided into 2 groups and then they were followed by either a low fat diet or a low carbohydrate diet.

In the 2 groups, the volunteers lost nearly 4 kg on mean. Further a transparent progress in glycaemic control was observed in the low carbo group following 6 months. Their mean level blood sugar fell from 58.7 to 53.7. This means that the concentration of the treatment for diabetes can even condense and the amount of insulin was decreased by 30%. Irrespective of the augmented intake of fat with a superior quantity of saturated fatty acid, their lipoproteins didn’t get worse. On the opposite the good cholesterol or HDL content augmented on the elevated fat diet.

Poor fat diet for patients of diabetes:

No statistically sure progress either of the glycameic regulations or lipoproteins was noticed in the less fat group irrespective of the weight reduction. One could ask themselves if it is actually excellent to recommend a low fat diet to the individuals suffering from diabetes. In comparison to many other researches of this kind, the researches lost no individuals at all which predicts an excellent quality of the collected data.



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