Rising Number of Children with High Blood Pressure, Noted

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High blood pressure or medically known as hypertension is considered as an abnormality usually observed among adults. This is for the reason that there are certain changes in the body of adults brought about by aging which actually predispose an individual to have an increase in blood pressure.

Some of these changes include: changes in the elasticity of the vessels, and changes in the compensational mechanism of the body in response to high blood pressure. In addition, lifestyle and habits of adults make them highly at risk to have an increase in the blood pressure.

Adults experience greater stress especially in their work and daily conversation with others; also, the type of food that they eat has a great impact on the level of their blood pressure. However, recently, this health problem has been increasingly observed among children who are not usually having this health risk.

According to a new study which was published in the journal Pediatric Emergency Care, there has been increasing number of children who were diagnosed to have high blood pressure upon going into the emergency room. This can be a bothersome health problem that must necessitate immediate health intervention because of the fact that high blood pressure can actually lead to various complications.

The new study involves the analysis and examination of data gathered from about 1,000 medical charts of patients who belong to the age group between 18 years and younger. These study participants were admitted in Shands Hospital. The study run for about 13 months dated back in 2007 and 2008.

Researchers found out that among the 1,000 children, about more than 500 children are actually having high blood pressure. This is overly going beyond the expectations of the researchers when they predicted that about 100 children only will be recorded of having high blood pressure upon arriving at the emergency room.  Also, about 20 per cent of the study participants had severely elevated blood pressure.

Moreover, researchers are not certain as to what could have been the main cause of the elevated blood pressures among children. This can probably due to children being scared to go into the hospital especially that the hospital is known as “not the place for children” because of the fear of injections and other thing. But, further analysis should be done in order to rule out the main cause of the increase in blood pressure.





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