Risk Factors In Developing Heart Disease

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Being diagnosed with heart disease is a big trouble—it can bring about a lot of changes like changes in terms of one’s lifestyle and diet, as well as changes in one’s financial expenses since there are a lot of medications that will need to be taken on a daily basis and several procedures that may be required.

Risks of heart disease can be present in almost eight out of ten people. Being aware of what these are is important since there are ways by which we can curb our way from developing a full blown heart disease. Risks of heart disease may come in two forms—one set is uncontrollable and the other is controllable or modifiable risks.

Uncontrollable/ Non-modifiable Risks of Heart Disease

These are those which people cannot control. This group includes age—the older a person is, the greater the risk of developing a heart disease. For men, the risk starts to rise high after 45 years old, while for women, the risks start at age 55.

Gender is also a non-modifiable risk for heart disease. Men are at more risk for heart disease than women before age 55. This is due to the supply of estrogen that a woman has before she undergoes menopause. After the age 55, the risks for both genders start to equal out.

Family history is another uncontrollable risk. If you have an immediate relative who has suffered from heart diseases during the ages where heart disease it at its highest risk, it may increase your chances of being diagnosed with the disease too.

Modifiable Risks of Heart Disease

High Blood Pressure, most especially when uncontrolled becomes a big threat in developing heart disease. When our blood pressure shoots to more than 120/80, we have to make ways on how we can lower these down. There a lot of medications which your physician can prescribe for you.

High Cholesterol and Triglyceride Level is another clear risk that can lead to heart diseases. When your cholesterol, LDL and HDL levels become greater than normal, fatty plaques may develop in the tunica intima of your arteries and these are the common reasons why heart attack, ischemia, and other forms of heart disease occurs.

The existence of diabetes or a risk for diabetes is also a dreaded risk for developing heart diseases. A high blood sugar can lead to deposition of plaques in the arteries and also contributes to adding to the viscosity of the blood, leading to problems in circulation. This is also one of the reasons why people with diabetes often develop heart complications.

While alcohol is said to be good for the heart—it is only true if taken in small amounts. Too much of everything is dangerous and that includes alcohol. Cigarette smoking also poses a great risk in developing heart diseases.

Any form of heart disease is dangerous. Upon realizing these risks for heart disease, one must be dedicated enough in keeping the unmodifiable factors remain to be risks, as well as control the modifiable risks from booming into a dreadful heart disease.



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