Risk of Breast Cancer Deaths Reduced by Mammograms

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Improvements and advancements in technology have brought significant benefits among the general public not only in the aspect of economy and production, but moreover in health care. Medial health care professionals have gained easier, accurate, and rapid measure and strategy in order to diagnose certain disease that their patients might have. Hence, this leads to a more immediate and prompt giving of necessary medical intervention which help save the lives of many individuals afflicted with diseases. These technologies such as the mammogram include the use of certain equipment and machineries which can detect abnormality on the body of the patients through series of analysis and examination.

According to a new Dutch study, women who are having their routine mammogram screenings can have about 50 per cent lowered risk of dying from breast cancer. This is contrary to the new recommendations released days ago by a government panel which suggests that mammogram screenings should not be included in the routine examinations for breast cancer because it does not give the benefit of early diagnosis among women.

The new study which was published online in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention involves the analysis of data gathered by tracking down about 755 patients who died because of breast cancer. Data were dated back 1995 to 2003. Also, the researchers included in the study an addition of about 3,739 patients who served as a control group of the study.

Researchers found out that among those women who have breast cancer, about 36 per cent of them never had undergone any mammogram screenings. Also, 30 per cent of tumors were detected at the screening and about 34 per cent were diagnosed in between the mammogram screenings. Hence, researchers said that those women who underwent the mammogram screening had actually reduced their risk of dying from breast cancer by about nearly 50 per cent.

Moreover, researchers go into the specifics of the study and discovered that elder women aged 70 to 75 had the greatest benefit for lessening the risk from dying because of breast cancer by about 84 per cent. In addition, 39 per cent reduction in the risk was found among women who aged 50 to 69 years old who had routinely mammogram screenings.






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