Robot: To Eliminate Stomach Cancer?

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An engineer from the Nanyang Technological Institute along with few doctors from Hospital of Singapore’s National University have teamed together and constructed a remote controlled robot which could be fed down an individual’s throat and into the gut of the individual to eliminate the stomach tumor or cancer. After having lunch with the world famous surgeon Sydney Chung, Engineer Louis Phee designed and created a robot.

This type of procedure is also a type of robotic surgery, which according to the National Library of Medicine, “is a type of procedure that is similar to laparoscopic surgery. It also can be performed through smaller surgical cuts than traditional open surgery. The small, precise movements that are possible with this type of surgery give it some advantages over standard endoscopic techniques.”

“Sometimes robotic-assisted laparoscopy can allow a surgeon to perform a less-invasive procedure that was once only possible with more invasive open surgery. Once it is placed in the abdomen, a robotic arm is easier for the surgeon to use than the instruments in endoscopic surgery.”

Chung then suggested that such a robot can be made which will mimic the crab that they eat. This will in a way help the doctors to eliminate cancer from the cancer patients without making them face the pain that they go though at the time of cutting. The finding is a very small robot which has a pincer that can grab the cancerous tissues to hold it until the short hook cuts away. It also discharges a coagulant which stops the bleeding and a camera so that the doctors can have a view of what is going inside the body of the patient. The robot is first placed in mouth, then it goes down the esophagus and finally into the stomach or if necessary it goes beyond also.

Once it reaches there, the surgeons control the actions with the help of a remote. There are two main advantages of the robot which fail other conventional methods. The first is that it does not give much pain, has less recuperation time and has reduced probability of infection. The second is that the robot is much steadier than the surgeon’s hand and this means it eliminates only less non cancerous tissues and there are few mistakes which take place. The second leading cases of deaths which result due to cancer all around the world are stomach and gastric cancers. Phee and Ho have teamed together to bring the robot to market in few years.



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