Rock Lover Teens—At Risk for Hearing Problems

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Teenagers who are exposed to loud music are more prone to threat of hearing disorder or temporary hearing loss, as per the researchers. A small research, which was carried by House Research Institute, reported that around 72% of the teenagers reported decreased hearing, following a show, which they attended for more than 3 hours. This kind of hearing loss particularly vanished within 48 hours however if it occurs again, permanent loss of hearing can take place, the research author observed. Teens require recognizing a single exposure to noise which is loud either from personal listening or concert show that can result in hearing loss, said the main author of the research Dr. M. Jennifer Derebry. With increase in numerous exposures to noise over 85 decibel, the minute hair cells might stop working and the loss of hearing might be permanent.

How was the research carried?

For the research, the investigators offered 29 teens free of cost tickets of rock concert. All of the seats were nearly 15-18 rows far from the stage. Before hand the children were informed that they can protect their hearing and were motivated to use the ear plugs at time of performance. Just 3 of them chose and rest did not. Using a device, investigators sitting with the teenagers discovered that the hearing decibel level ranged from 82 to 110 and the mean was 98.5. The researchers observed that these levels were higher than the safety levels of that workplace. After the concert, the teens had complains of reduced hearing. The cells in the inner ear are critical to standard hearing and most prone to injury from exposed noise for long time. Around 53.6% of the teens complained they did not hear well like they did before the concert.



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