Russian scientist claims to have a cure against aging

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The scientist tested his cure on animals and had remarcable results. He even tried it himself, and claims that it healed his cataract.

Professor Vladimir Skulatchev says he managed to isolate an anti-oxidant that prevents strong deterioration of the health condition, because of the aging process. For the Russian scientist this findings represent his lifetime’s work. Another two-three years of lab tests and he thinks he will finally unlock the mistery of aging.

It appears everything is related to the way the oxygen reacts in our body. The professor worked 40 years to eliminate its side-effects.

“99% of the time oxygen turns into harmless water, but there’s that one percent that turns into a super-oxide that later turns into very poisonous elements,” Vladimir Skulachev, Professor of Bioenergetics, reveals. “So the task was to find an anti-oxidant that stops that process.”

Nobel Prize winner Dr. Gunter Blobel, M.D., Ph.D. at Rockefeller University, believes Skulachev’s theories look very realistic.

“It has been shown that oxidative damage is huge. But we do not have an anti-oxidant of the type that Skulachev has developed. He coined the term bioenergetics. He is clearly the world’s best bio-chemist and bio-energetic scientist,” Blobel stated.




  1. I believe aging has multiple functions (oxidation being one of them) and I don’t think any one method could delay it for very long, except maybe calorie restriction.

    But this might help though, and maybe help delay some degenerative diseases related to aging. Will be interesting to see how this turns out.

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