Salt Content In Foods Vary By Country

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Large dissimilarities existed in the levels of salt in the fast foods which are sold at main restaurants in US and other developed nations, a recent research shows. The investigators observed the content of salt of more than 2100 food items in 7 product segments which are sold by Mc. Donald’s, Dominos Pizza, Burger King, Subway and Pizza Hut in Canada, US, France, Australia, UK and New Zealand. The food product segments encompass savory breakfast food items like chicken products, burgers, salads, pizza, French fries and sandwiches.

How was the research conducted?

The research discovered that the level of sodium in same foods differed extensively amid the nations, and the fast food in Canada and US encompassed much elevated levels of sodium than in France and United Kingdom. For instance the Chicken Mc. Nuggets of Mc. Donald’s in Canada had around 2.5 times additional sodium than those found in United Kingdom. There are around 600 milligrams of salt or sodium in every 3.5 ounce per serving in Canada however the similar serving in UK had around 240 milligram of salt. The research is printed in the periodical of Canadian Medical Association. The companies of Canada signal that they have been attempting to decrease sodium; however the elevated sodium in these foods shows that the voluntary attempts are not effective. These elevated levels show the failure of the present government’s approach which leaves the salt decline entirely in the hands of the industries.

The programmes for salt reduction should guide the industry and then observe its targets and the timelines for food products, evaluation and monitoring and stronger controlling measures if the planned voluntary attempts are not effectual. Elevated levels of dietary sodium have been associated to high BP and many other harmful impacts on health.



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