Save million of babies by Syphilis tests

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The lives of approximately million of infants can be saved every year if cheap, simple and prompt tests for syphilis were provided for pregnant women in poorer nations, said the global health experts. Research reports have said that testing the women in their early pregnancy might cost less than R12 each woman and if any of these were tested positive, they could be cured with a single dose of penicillin. Treating and screening pregnant women for syphilis is the most effectual and affordable way to save their lives. These novel tests are very easy to use and economical while giving results in just 15 minutes.

If the screening was carried out regularly and if the women who needed treatment got it prior to 28 weeks, it was assured that no neonatal deaths will result due to syphilis. Experts say that about 2 million pregnant women are found to be infected with syphilis each year and around 2 times of these pass it to their unborn children. As per the WHO reports around 3%-5% of pregnant women have this disease in developing nations. In Africa only, there are almost 400,000 neonatal and still births every year.

A team of researchers introduced prompt tests to enhance the access to screening of syphilis which would be cost effective and feasible. This research has introduced new and simple tests for syphilis which can be used from inner-city areas in Peru and China to isolated villages of East Africa.  Justin Forsyth says that they are making all efforts to diminish the number of deaths amongst the older children who are under the age of 5 years but the death rates of infants who are just in the initial month of life had not reduced. They would miss a great opportunity to save lives, if they failed to ensure the screening of syphilis in pregnant women.



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