Saving Breast Cancer Patients With Blood Test

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A simple blood test could help and save the life by helping the doctors rapidly detect if the individual with early breast cancer experiences elevated threat of death or relapse following treatment, said the specialist. Cancer cells in the blood sample, while taken at the early phase of the disease, is a precise predictor of an individual’s survival possibilities, the team said in a periodical, The Lancet Oncology. The results can help in identifying early in which individuals may gain from additional treatment like chemotherapy.  There might be presence of one or more circulating cancer cells, forecasted early frequent and reduced overall survival, noted the investigator from the University of Texas. Much the CTCs they discovered, the elevated is the threat of death.

The CTC blood test are not presently used to observe a volunteer’s prognosis or recommend treatment as cancer tumors are normally thought to grow through the lymphatic system instead of the main blood stream. The group carried test on approximately 302 volunteers who were getting treated amid February 2005 and 2010 December. The volunteers were at an early level of breast cancer – ahead it spread to other body parts and had not got the treatment of chemotherapy. The team discovered CTC in 1/4th of the group. Of all these with the cancer cells in their blood, 1 in 7 relapsed following treatments and 1 in 10 died at times of the test period.

By evaluating the volunteers whose blood test resulted in no CTCs, had a relapsed rate of 3% and mortality rate of 2 percent. For the individuals with elevated concentration of CTCs, the association with progression and survival rates was much more dramatic and with 31 percent of these volunteers relapsing or dying.



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