Scheduling sex : a solution for rejuvenating a relationship

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You might wonder if sex has a great impact upon the well going of a relationship or it is just a minor element that can be ignored and considered as a non trouble element.

As most of our basic needs (like eating and sleeping) play their own important role in our lives, so does sex. As the world we live in becomes more developed and people tend to focus more on their careers than on their family, sex can be left over at some point, mostly in an unconscious way.

Some women complain that the relationship with their husband does not work as it used to do any more. They are mostly disappointed about the fact that they don’t have time for making love any more as they are always overburdened with a rough schedule at work or with taking care of the children, or with cooking for the whole family. Men and women notice at some point that their relationship with the loved one is changed, but they can’t really point to a certain cause.

Specialists say that the good going of a relationship is conditioned not only by maintaining common interests and friends, but also by maintaining a regular love life. Some couples have found a way to include sex in their busy lives and have observed in this way a rejuvenation of their relationship. They just schedule a date for making love, just like scheduling an appointment to the dentist or to the hairdresser’s. This method might not inspire you too much trust, as at the first look it lacks of romance and of human warmth. But, it seems that it works in a lot of people: no more frustrations, a reconnection with the partner and a bust to the well going of the relationship.

Just announce your husband or wife that on the next Thursday at 18:00 you are inviting him/her on a romantic date, in your cozy home, without any children around (make sure you can send the kids at their grandparents that day). At first your husband/wife might not say anything, might just seem to think over your suggestion, but you will see that he/she will be there for the date when the time comes.

So, just try this suggestion and you might be stunned of its efficiency into busting up your relationship.




  1. Good post. There have been plenty of busy couples that have tried the scheduling of “love-time”, and have found it works pretty well. When you think about it, in the beginning of a relationship couples have dates and this is only different in that you’ve known each other for a while. It’s still a date, and dates are usually fun.

    Communication is a huge part of intimacy too. I admit in my marriage there have been a few times when the kids were in bed and we both went to sleep, but the next morning we found out we were both interested in some lovin’ but didn’t say anything. Doesn’t make much sense, but it happens in many couples.

    Take care and keep up the good writing!

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