Sea Buckthorn oil

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Sea buckthorn is a thorny plant that grows in Europe and Asia. Sea buckthorn berry oil is extracted from fruit pulp or seeds.

Clinical and scientific studies of the twentieth century confirm numerous nutritional benefits of sea buckthorn oil.


1. Overview
2. Weight loss
3. Immunity
4. Anticancer
5. Gastrointestinal health
6. Cardiovascular benefits
7. Healthy skin

Weight loss

The latest studies confirmed the contribution of sea buckthorn in weight loss. Sea buckthorn contains fatty acids omega-7 that convey the body to give up any excess fat storage. In essence, this means that people who consume sea buckthorn berries will see how their fat melts.


Sea buckthorn fruit, small and yellow-orange colored, is a rich source of vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids and 27 other trace elements. Sea buckthorn oil contains 106 known nutrients and bioactive substances, including vitamins A, C and E, polyphenols, carotenoids, flavonoids, essential fatty acids and trace elements including zinc, selenium, manganese and iron. Many of these constituent elements help build, strengthen and improve the immune system.


Nutrients in sea buckthorn oil have properties integrative cancer. They block the effects of carcinogenic substances and prevent cancer cell growth.

Oil Antioxidants prevent free radicals, and formation of cancer cells. Sea buckthorn seed oil amplifies and strengthens resistance to cancerous mutations.

Gastrointestinal health

Sea buckthorn oil contains numerousanti- inflammatory and antiulcer substances, offering multiple benefits in what concerns gastrointestinal health. Laboratory studies confirm the efficacy of sea buckthorn seeds oil in treating gastric ulcers. This oil acts as a protective layer of the stomach and intestines and prevents the harmful effects of pathogens.

Cardiovascular benefits

Cardiovascular diseases are closely related to free radicals on the arteries and high blood cholesterol level. Sea buckthorn oil minimizes the effects of free radicals and decreases the amount of fat in the blood.

It is a rich source of fatty acids recommended for heart health, especially oleic acid and linoleic acid. Both are known for their role to reduce cholesterol, blood pressure control and inhibition of platelet aggregation.

Healthy skin

Sea buckthorn oil is widely used to treat various skin conditions, including burns, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, burns, wounds, frostbite injuries after radiotherapy and cosmetic surgery. Sea buckthorn oil helps to diminish wrinkles and skin aging specific symptoms.

This unique oil reduces inflammation, scarring, swelling, nourish skin, softens and increases skin resistance, but also the cell walls and blood vessels.

Internally, sea buckthorn oil balances and regulates the action of the endocrine glands, supports the immune system, gastrointestinal and cardiovascular and slows cell death, improving overall health.

Sea buckthorn is used, both internally and externally to help treat acne. Administered orally the sea buckthorn oil has anti-inflammatory effects, balance and regulate the immune system and hormonal. Applied locally, sea buckthorn softens skin, reduces visible scars, swelling and inflammation.



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