Seven Bowel Movement Problems

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The elimination of the solid or semi-solid waste matter from the digestive tract through the anus is called defecation or bowel movement. Bowel movement happens when the muscles in the colon contract and move the waste or fecal matter towards the rectum. A normal bowel movement is once or twice in a day, more or less bowel movements indicate various bowel disorders based on the shape, texture and color of the stools.

There are various symptoms based on the color, texture and shape of the stools that indicate bowel movement problems and may sometimes need the attention of a physician like:

  1. Constipation is a very common bowel movement problem. A constipated person usually has less than three or four bowel movements in a week. Stools coming out as hard and dark pellets indicate signs of chronic constipation. The problem is usually accompanied by bloating, gastritis and other stomach discomforts. Fibrous and healthy diet along with proper exercise and appropriate intake of water can cure constipation in many cases.
  2. Diarrhea is another common bowel problem that is experienced at least once in a lifetime. Loose and watery stools more than three Red or maroon stool could be due to anal fissures or inflammatory bowel disease or colon polyps or hemorrhoids or diverticular bleeding or infections.
  3. Green Colored Stools happen due to decreased colonic transit time or diarrhea. The green color happens when the bile not given enough time to break down the food.
  4. Clay Colored or Pale Stools generally indicate a possible lack of antacids or bile salts. Blockage of the bile duct causes low bile production.
  5. Black stool could be an indication of an internal bleeding of the upper digestive tract.
  6. When the consistency of the stools in narrow or pencil thin then it indicates a blockage in the colon.
  7. Bright yellow stools generally indicate absorption problems resulting in excess fat in the stools.

    A healthy bowel movement is an indication of good digestion and absorption of the food. One must take healthy and fibrous food rich in fruits and raw vegetables to cure common bowel disorders.



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