Seven Tips To Relieve Stress

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Most days we come home feeling at least a little bit of stress. Even the best of days may have had some tense moments in them. Then when we get home, we feel angst and pressure, trying to figure out how to get some release. Some people drink, some smoke, and some do drugs. Some just deal with it and hope they can get to sleep later on.


Here are some tips to help you relax once you’re in for the night:

1. Take off your tight clothing. Even if all you’re wearing is a dress, it’s still much tighter than possibly taking everything off, including bra and underwear, and putting on something very light, such as a large t-shirt, sweats, or something satiny. If you feel comfortable in your own skin, go nude.

2. Sit down in a big, comfortable chair, and lay back as far as possible. This is recommended more than going to bed because the bed represents part of the normal process of the day, whereas laying back in a chair might not be something you do as a course of your normal day. Even if it is, big lounge chairs conform to the body better than a flat bad, offering better relaxation. Closing or covering your eyes can help, and putting a small pillow behind your neck might help even further.

3. Take a long bath or shower. Many people talk about baths, but not as many talk about showers. If you have a stiff stream coming out of your shower head, it can feel like you’re getting a massage on your shoulders and neck, where most people hold the tension they’re trying to release.

4. Drink a cup of hot decaffeinated tea. Caffeine is a stimulant, so anything with caffeine isn’t recommended. Also, tea is recommended over coffee because almost all teas have properties that bring either calming sensations or help heal the body in some fashion as opposed to coffee. Having it hot, even if it’s not your preference, helps you to relax better than cold tea.

5. Turn on music. It doesn’t even have to be soft, relaxing music, just music in general. Some people respond to fast music that they know the lyrics to and can sing along with rather than listening to sad music, which can actually add to your depression, if that’s a symptom of your stress.

6. Grab a good, but entertaining book. Reading can help to take your mind off your problems, but depending on what you decide to read, can tense you back up or stress your brain even further. Reading text books or scientific journals may be educational, but you’re looking for relaxation. Reading Stephen King books might juice you up and you may enjoy it, but it’s hardly relaxing reading. Finding something like and humorous, something that can make you smile or even laugh, is preferable. Think about writers like Stephanie Plum or Tim Dorsey instead.

7. Watch a funny video. Laughter can cure many things, and it certainly takes you away from stress and depression. Cartoons are great stress relievers, but anything that makes you laugh will work. Watch a video or movie as opposed to regular television, which not only has commercials that interrupt your flow but, in the evenings, has constant news reminders of what’s going on in the world; you’re looking to get away from it all.

Following these steps will bring a little bit of peace into your life, and help you face the next day with a better and more positive perspective.



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