Severe Headache Linked With Suicide

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Individuals suffering from bad headaches, irrespective of migraine or not, might be more probable to commit suicide, a recent research recommended. While the conclusions do not justify that headaches result in suicide attempts, they do back few researchers over the years which have discovered that elevated suicide rates in individuals suffering from migraine. However it has not been reported if the link is concerned particularly to the biology of migraines. The researchers say they have no idea if it was migraine or more pain particularly. Based on the advanced studies, it might be the strength of the pain which matters, migraine or not, she said with her colleagues.

The research, which was reported online in the periodical headache, followed around 500 migraines suffering individuals, 150 individuals with extreme headaches which were not migraine and roughly 900 controls who did not suffer from any serious headaches. Since the last 2 years, the extreme headaches and migraine groups had same rates of attempted suicide, approximately 9% in the migraine group and around 10% in the non migraine group. In the control group, the rate of suicidal attempts was only beyond 1%. The researchers say that they are ruling that it is just migraine which is linked to suicidal risk. The general headaches which are due to stress do not come close to the pain extremity of migraines. However in some cases they can.

Hence why are extreme headaches linked to suicide risk? Stress plays a major role, however it does not tell the entire story. They might be certain biological underpinnings at work, the investigators say. Many chemicals including serotonin are considered to be engaged in extreme headaches and derangements in such chemicals are also considered to be linked with the suicide risk.



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