Significant Fitness Level Of An Individual Can Help Lower Health Risks

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With the growing problem of obesity, many individuals are already getting health conscious especially in terms of their food choices and lifestyle habits. Health care professionals are advising the general public to be more extra cautious regarding their lifestyle and have some modifications if they feel that it is already necessary.

Many individuals think that they have already to cut down their weights by burning the excess fats circulating in their body through exercises and healthy diet. But this measure seemed to be very difficult to others especially that they love to eat and they are the type of person who does not want to engage in physical activities just for them to burn extra calories. Hence, this leads them to be stagnant to their routines which can be categorized as unhealthy.

Contrary to the idea that cutting off weights can lead to a better health status, another new study claims that an individual’s fitness level can be considered significant as far as his overall health is concern rather than associating health to body weights.

The new study which was published in the journal Circulation tackled about the idea that the fitness level of the individual can already be considered as something important which can help the individual live a longer and healthier life in the future even though that individual stayed to the usual figure of his body weight.

The study involved the analysis and examination of data gathered from about 14,000 individuals who belong to the middle-age group of men. The study participants were followed for about a period of 11 years.  Researchers found out after the span of 11 years that those men even though they did not cut off their weights, but actually sustained their fitness level had about 30 per cent decreased in their risk of dying from certain cardiovascular diseases or from any other diseases. In addition, those study participants who continued to sustain their fitness level in 10 more years had 40 percent reduced healthy risk.

Moreover, according to study author, author Duck-chul Lee, a physical activity epidemiologist with the department of exercise science at the University of South Carolina’s Arnold School of Public Health in Columbia, he said: People need to [think] more about their fitness, and not just their fitness but trying to improve or maintain their fitness rather than focusing too much on weight loss or worrying too much about weight gain.”






  1. I’m from the UK, we have a high obesity level here, in fact the worse level in Europe. In terms of food choices it does not help here that unhealthy food tends to be cheaper than the healthy food, things are tight for people with the way the economy is.

    The study itself is very interesting and I don’t think too surprising. Advertising and the media is geared toward weight loss for aesthetic reasons and that I think is a big problem.

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