Signs of Osteoporosis

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You may have already heard of it on TV or read it from a magazine or news article… in fact, your physician may have even informed you about it—osteoporosis is a common disease of the elderly.  Osteoporosis is something which need to be prevented from happening because it can lead to a multitude of fatalities and accidents to a person.

What Is Osteoporosis?

From the word itself, “osteo”—which refers to the bones and “porosis” or porosity…this disease happens when the bones of a person becomes very porous and depleted of calcium. If this occurs, the bones become weak and less resistant to force.

Osteoporosis is mainly a problem which can be corrected by proper exercise and calcium intake. However, there are also cases when osteoporosis is secondary to another underlying disease, most especially endocrine disorders. In some cases, osteoporosis can be due to some medicines which a person takes.

The thing is, osteoporosis can be dangerous and one should be able to notice this dreadful disease before it becomes complicated and less manageable by professionals. Take note of these common signs of osteoporosis:

Common Fractures

A broken bone can be a common occurrence most especially if you are an athlete or if your occupation is something which entails you to lift some objects and exert quite some amount of force and resistance. However, these conditions are not necessary in terms of osteoporosis. One of the most common signs of osteoporosis is a fracture which easily happens. Minimal force can result to fracture—even the simplest task like lifting weights, accidentally slipping without too much force, etc.

Fractures easily happen in patients with osteoporosis because calcium becomes depleted. And as we all are aware of, calcium keeps the bones strong and healthy.

Unexplained Decline in Height and Stooped Posture

This is very common in people with early signs of osteoporosis. As a person grows, he or she must advance in terms of height to—and once the epiphyseal plates close, apical growth should also stop—no addition or decrease whatsoever. However, with osteoporosis, a person can become shorter. This is because the spines can also degenerate. Spines are made of bony structures and when these structures disintegrate, our posture can stoop and we may lose a certain inch of our height.

This is the reason why many aged people tend to stoop or appears shorter than how they look when they were younger. Therefore, it is important to monitor one’s height and spinal curvature/ appearance.

Bone and Joint Pains of Unexplained Cause

There are diseases which can lead to bone and joint pains and we know them by the term arthritis. However, there may be instances when joint pain or bone pain is not due to the inflammation of our joints. These may be due to the response of our bones when it loses strength and it becomes porous enough that it cannot sustain or tolerate our body weight.

These are the common early signs of Osteoporosis so once you feel any of these—do not think twice. Go to your doctor and be checked.




  1. Novak Djokovick says:

    The fractures are complete ruptures or partial of the bones whose origin can be the osteoporosis, to fall, strong blows, and, sometimes, violent employ of to muscle. The sector with risk more elevated to undergo fractures is formed by the people who suffer the disease of the osteoporosis, although also get to be frequent in old children and because it’s bony composition is fragile.

    Indicates Findrxonline on its website that The fractures can be of two types: closed fractures, in which the bone is broken and the skin remains intact, and those in which the wound is open and the fractured bone moves towards the outside. Sometimes they can be multiple, which means that the bone is broken in several fractions.
    This disease be painful and is controlled with prescription drugs – vicodin, hydrocodone or lortab – although you must be alert to their side effects.

  2. Brenda Simard says:

    My grandma was diagnosed with Osteoporosis a year ago after fracturing my L1 vertebrate after a fall down the stairs. My is pregnant and her PCP says there are no medication she can use until she is done having children. Does anyone know of any bone building meds that do not affect fertility? Mom have been on Calcium/Vitamin D for a year now but based on her T scores, her PCP says she do not something more aggressive and the sooner the better. Any words of wisdom out there.

    • Hi Brenda!
      Unfortunately, the drugs which are intended for people with Osteoporosis may have bad effects to the fetus. In such case, it would be best to consult her Obstetrician for any advice.
      Taking Calcium, Vitamin D and sun exposure, as well as weight bearing exercise should help her, too, so that should not be neglected.

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