Simplify daily beautification routine

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Hot weather requires a simplified process of beautification.

The article presents some tips to avoid unnecessary steps and to maintain your beauty.

Thus, you will learn how actions as exfoliation, hydration, use foundation or hairdressing can be simplified.


1. Overview
2. Washing the face
3. Peeling
4. Hair washing
5. Hydration
6. Body cream using
7. Foundation using
8. Hairdressing

Washing the face

When wash your face properly before bed your skin is fresh and clean for the next day. In fact, if you insist too much your skin will dry and there will be an overproduction of sebum oily characteristic for oily skin, especially in hot weather.

Instead of washing in the morning, you can spray skin with a few drops of warm water, then massage it gently to revive it.


Any method of exfoliating thins the skin, including to abrasive sponges and vitamin A (which increases sensitivity to sunlight). By removing the top layer of dead skin cells, you expose sensitive and delicate layer of skin.

Hair washing

It is tempting to shampoo your hair when heat and humidity cause more sweating than normal.

The hair that is already prone to dryness due to sun and chlorine, so it will be dry. Instead of doing that, you will wash it twice a week and you will apply consistently protection products. This way your hair will be much healthier.


It will always be used sunscreen creams and moisturizers. Use a sunblock cream of SPF 15 or more; a moisturizing formula can be an excellent substitute for a daily moisturizer.

In addition, warm weather can bring more moisture and any extra moisture in the air moisturizes the skin more, so you can apply less moisturizing lotion.

Body cream using

Hot temperatures can turn cream applied to the body into a sticky sweat suit because sweat affect body lotion consistency.

Using care products in the shower, which contain moisturizing ingredients like glycerin and aloe vera could remove the layer of dead cells on the skin and will hydrate, eliminating the need of extra hydration.

Foundation using

On warm days, the foundation might leak and would look pretty bad. If you want to apply a product on the skin, self-tanning products could be an option to hide defects.

Although the process takes slightly longer than a simple application of foundation, the self-tanning products will be used only once a week. If you choose a bronzer that contains sun protection factor, will save even more time because there will be no need to apply a moisturizer with SPF.


It is a waste of time and even money if you go to a salon for this operation. Between the heat, humidity and occasional showers, even the most resistant hair can change its appearance.

It is important to avoid drying your hair with hairdryer, because the hair is so damaged by sun and chemicals, and the dryer will make matters worse. If you still can’t give up styling, you can ask the stylist to choose a haircut to withstand warm weather or you can try a bun or ponytail hairstyle like.



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