Six methods of hair removal to choose from

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Some people say that there is nothing wrong with being natural, and I agree to them except for one point: allowing the hair to grow on the legs naturally (I am talking here about women) does not enchant anyone, it just gives an unaesthetic aspect, and it does not make a good impression at all.

Hair_Removal_LegsFor thousands of years women had to deal with removing their unwanted body hair, by using several methods and substances, more or less efficient and more or less painful for getting the most desired effect: soft, smooth, clean legs. Nowadays the ancient waxing procedures are still being practiced with a lot of success, but new methods of hair removal have been established too, so there are plenty of options to choose from if you want to have nice looking legs and armpits.

I will present you in this article several hair removal methods with their advantages and disadvantages, so that you can get an idea of what could suit your legs best.
1. Shaving. This is the most used procedure when the time is limited and hair needs to be removed fast. It is not a painful procedure, if you know how to handle a razor, but if you are not careful you can cause small cuts on the skin, that will spoil a perfect aspect. For obtaining a better aspect of the skin you should always use a shaving gel or cream while using the razor. Always use your own razor, make sure it is clean and sharp enough and replace it with a new one as soon as you observe shaving becomes a little bit more painful and difficult to perform. Another disadvantage of this procedure would be the fact that you have to repeat it quite often (every 2-3 days).

2. Waxing. Although painful when performed for the first time, this procedure saves you a lot of time and energy as you do not have to repeat it for almost 4 weeks. After waxing the skin gets a smooth, shiny aspect and seeing the result makes you forget all about the pain you have suffered during the procedure. If you have not used waxing before I suggest that you first go to a cosmetic center and ask for one there and only afterwards do one at home on your own. You have to be careful not to apply very hot wax on your skin as you can get serious skin burns.

3. Threading. This is a time eating method and therefore should only be applied for small skin areas, like the eyebrows or the facial hair. This procedure works mostly like tweezers do, and it involves the same amount of pain (well, mostly a small discomfort), but not all of us are good at doing it. The results can last up to 2 weeks.

4. Depilatory hair removal creams. They are not painful, nor expensive, and can be done at home, but they can get a little bit messy sometimes and their effect can last only for about one week if the hair was removed only superficially.

5. Epilators. They are not messy at all, they offer you the comfort of using them at home and they give a long lasting effect (for about 3 weeks, if they are performant and manage to take the hair off its root and not tear it near the skin surface). They are a little bit expensive, but consider that money as being well invested.

6. Laser treatment. I have not tried this method yet but I have heard that if performed by a specialist it can remove your hair permanently. Unfortunately this procedure can get quite expensive as you get charged depending on how large is the skin surface you want to “treat”. There might be a mild discomfort involved during this procedure, depending on how tolerant your skin is towards the procedure. If you decide to go for this, I strongly recommend that you get only professional treatment. In this way you will avoid skin damage that can sometimes leave permanent marks.



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