Sleep improves with age, does not get worse

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Ageing has no association with poor sleep, a recent survey of more than 150000 individuals from America shows. In actual, the subjective sleep quality appears to enhance over a period of life, with some complaints which comes from the people in their 80s. As per Michael Grandner, a principle author of the research, “This flies in the face of well known confidence”. These conclusions force them to think again as to what they know about sleep among the elder people, women and men. The research which appeared in the periodical Sleep, analyzed the rates of daytime fatigue and sleep disturbance reported by 155877 older people who participated in a random telephone survey.

The participants were questioned about their daytime tiredness and sleep disturbances. The survey also questioned them about income, race, depressed mood, education, time of last medical check-up and general health. All of them were weighted so that they could match the US census data. Depression and health problems were linked with worse sleep and women reported more tiredness and sleep disturbances than men. But excluding for sleep problems among the middle age group individuals, more pronounced in females than males, the sleep quality enhanced constantly over a life time. Even if sleep among elder men and women in America, is factually poor than the younger adults, feelings about it will still enhance with age.

Once you figure out things like depression and illness, the elder individuals will report better sleep. If they are not getting better sleep, they should consult their doctors and must never ignore this. The lead author says that the study’s actual intention was to intimate that the enhanced sleep issues are linked with ageing, using the immense and most representative trial to tackle the issue.



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