Slimming Down Does Not Boost One’s Self Esteem

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Weight loss does not necessarily result in boosting the overweight teen girl’s self-esteem, as per a recent study. The researchers ascertained that overweight teen girls who changed out of obesity persisted to see themselves as overweight, even though there were changes in their compared BMI, research author Sarah Mustillo, an assistant professor of sociology who was appointed at the Prude University said. The overweight white girls had low self-esteem when compared to their standard-weight peers and while their self-esteem continued to be flat even when they had shed off their extra weight and were out of obesity, said Mustillo, who studied obesity in adolescence and children.

How was the study conducted?

Mustillo along with her colleagues observed the collected data from a national survey which covered additional 2,000 white and black girls from United States who were observed for 10 years beginning from their ages of 9 and 10 years. Self esteem amid the black girls who underwent from being overweight to standard weight did rebound, although the black girls had low self esteem to start with, as per a research which was conducted for approximately 10 years. Both the white and the girls who had shed off their extra pounds still continued to have a negative feel about their body and a negative perception about themselves, the research team of Prude found.

The researchers observed that the research did not justify that the self esteem of the girls remained low as they continued to perceive themselves as obese or overweight, said Mustillo. There can be numerous explanations for the continuing low esteem of girls in the adolescence age. Even so, offering the mental health help, during their weight-loss process can be beneficial. So why keep exercising and dieting, when you continue seeing yourself as fat?



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