Slower reflexes related with brain changes

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According to a latest study it was found that breakdowns in brain connections may be the cause of slower reflexes while aging. Our brain is divided in two hemispheres; the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere.
We know that the left hemisphere is responsible for the right part of our body whereas the right hemisphere is for the left part of our body. There exists a area in our brain called corpus callosum which helps the regulation for the cross talk between our two hemispheres.

When the regulation of the cross talk begins to break down with the age, both our hemispheres start to talk in the same time, and when we want to lift something with our left hand the motion is much more slower- said Rachael Seidler, an associate professor in the School of Kinesiology and psychology department at the University of Michigan.

He and his collegues also used, in a study with two different groups of people(first group people aged 65-75, second group people aged 20-25), MRI(magnetic resonance imaging) in order to test the blood- oxygen levels in their brains.
The result was obvious. Seidler said:”The more they recruited the other side of the brain, the slower they responded”



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