Slower Tumor Growth With Walnuts

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Mice who were programmed to enlarge prostate cancer had lesser, slower enlarging tumors in case they were allowed to consume a diet which contained walnuts, as per a research report in the present issue of a Nutrition which is a British Journal. Researchers from the Western Regional Research Centre analyzed the size of tumor in mice that were fed different diets for about 9, 18 and 24 weeks. They discovered that the mice which consumed walnuts on regular basis similar in quantity consumed by humans, gained weight. The weight gain was similar to the weight gain of mice fed on a soybean oil diet, which was formulated to match the fat levels, fatty acid profiles and nutrients of the walnut diet.

After 18 weeks of observations, the researchers found that the growth of tumor was 28% lower in the mice fed with walnut diet than those mice that were fed with soybean oil diet. The tumor growth was almost half the growth of mice consuming the soybean oil. A diet low in fat is recommended for individuals so that it lowers the risk of developing prostate cancer or to slow the growth rate of existing cancer. Although walnuts are considered rich in fat but they are rich in antioxidants, many plant chemicals and Omega-3 polyunsaturated fats which are helpful in slowing the growth of tumor and prove to give a protective effect on tumor growth. It is proved walnuts have similar effect on men as it has on mice. If the diet of individual suffering from prostate cancer does not include walnuts, the individual will miss out the beneficial effects of the walnuts, which otherwise might have helped in slower growth of tumor. In U.S. prostate cancer is the second common cancer which the American men suffer. The features of prostate cancer make adding walnuts to the individual’s diet beneficial thereby preventing prostate cancer.

California Walnut Board funded this research. Along with the American Institute for Cancer Research, this Walnut Board of California is presently funding a follow up mice study to further validate the hypothesis and discover the probable reasons for walnut’s beneficial effects.




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