Small chip to understand if your child has taken drugs

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Latest medical news come from Britain, where a company has developed a device that can easily detect if a person has used any drug, like cocaine, cannabis or any other illegal substance.

This device will work as a pregnancy test, meaning that in 5 minutes with the person’s saliva sample it can tell you whether the person used drug. In this device the more interested parties would be the parents who are interested in to knowing whether their children consume drugs.

In U.S many people send in labs samples of their children saliva or blood or even hair to test for drugs. Another party that might be interested into further developing of this device is also the policemen. Nowadays, polices can easily identify if a person was drunk but it takes a lot of time and effort in order to understand whether he has consumed any drug, because they have to take a sample of blood, send it to the lab and wait for 2 up to 3 days for the results. But with this new upcoming device it can only take 5 minutes.

In the surface of the chip there are found antibodies that can react to some drugs. When it detects any drug it produces an electric current and after it, amplifies a warning light is turned on.  These chips will be mass produced that’s why they won’t be expensive. Their price can be about £1.50 for a single test.

According to the company’s director K.Auton ; this “test raises privacy issues,” but would be in big help of all of those worried parents for their children.



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