Smoking and Early Menopause

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There is a great chance that woman who smoke may have earlier menopausal period than those who don’t hit cigarettes, according to a research.

Menopause is the transition period in a woman’s life when her ovaries stop producing eggs, which in turn leads to a decrease in production of female hormones. Early menopausal is a problem for most of the female population because having so may mean predisposition to various diseases such bone diseases and they may experience hot flushes and difficulty in sleeping. Women who smoke will likely experience these symptoms to a greater degree, thus making menopause a more unpleasant and upsetting process.

The research includes data coming from six (6) different studies and it involves about 6,000 women in US, Poland, Turkey and Iran. The findings suggest that women who are not hitting cigarettes undergo their menopausal period between the age of 46 and 51, compared to those women who are smokers having their early menopausal period at around age 43 and 50.

According to the study author, Volodymyr Dvornyk, from the University of Hong Kong, women should be wary while they smoke, they should be aware enough about the detrimental effects of smoking especially when it comes to their reproductive health. Women should know the possible health consequences of smoking and other risks which might put their health into a dilemma.

Analysis of another five studies was done by Dvornyk and colleagues in order to determine the early menopausal of women using a cut-off age of 50 and 51. The results of the analysis of data revealed that out of the more than 43,000 women included in the analysis, there is a 43 per cent that those women who smoke may have early menopausal as to those women who don’t smoke.

However, health risks are present to both early and late menopausal. For those women who have their late menopausal period, they are more predisposed in developing estrogen-related disease such as breast cancer. The idea is, the more they are exposed to estrogen, and the heightened is the risk for them in developing various diseases. Same idea goes to women who have earlier menopausal period. When the ovaries atrophied and stopped producing female hormones, this could lead to bone and heart diseases.

The new study, on the other hand, did not include information on the length of time women are smoking, neither the number of cigarettes they hit every day or every year. Thus, the researchers cannot conclude how these factors may have affected the age of menopausal of women.

According to, Beginning to smoke as a teenager increases a woman’s risk of early menopause three times. Smokers often notice symptoms of menopause two to three years earlier than nonsmokers.

Menstrual problems such as abnormal bleeding, amenorrhea (absence of periods), and vaginal discharges / infections are common complaints among women who smoke.

Menstrual abnormalities and early menopause may be caused by a toxic effect on the ovaries or by the significantly lower levels of estrogens noted in many studies of women smokers.



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