Social Networking Sites: A Medium to Help Prevent Suicide

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Reports on individuals attempting to commit suicide have remained steady for the past years. This health issue has been the target of many health care professionals because of the alarming incidences where in a person wants to end his life which can be prevented through medical and psychological intervention and strong support system. Individuals who are considered suicidal need people around them in order for them to verbalize their feelings and have a relief of untoward grudges that are often kept inside which results to suicidal ideations.

These individuals keep on blaming themselves leading to lack of self-worth and value. The general public, most specifically those individuals who are closely interactive with the suicidal person should be wary and vigilant with the possible means that the person can use in order to consummate the act of suicide. One way now is through the use of social networking sites.

According to a new report, social networking sites, specifically Facebook, are new tools which can be used in order to help those individuals who are having insights of ending their life. A now tool launched by Facebook paved way to new avenue in which the general public can actually report suicidal comments posted by their friends. After which, the tool will then send email messages to these suicidal individuals which contains a specific hotline or a link that will start a sort of online crisis counseling through chat. This will then encourage these suicidal individuals to be counseled because of the easy access to counseling.

The new tool launched by Facebook is a product of its partnership with National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, an institution which provides a free counseling to individuals who needs help, especially those individuals who are facing crisis. The hotline of the said institution is open any time of the day. With this new method, the general public is now one step closer in trying to help their relatives or friends seek for help and have an immediate intervention through an easy way of expressing thoughts and ideas.

Moreover, according to Joe Sullivan, Facebook chief security officer, he said in a release: “the Lifeline’s commitment to suicide prevention has enabled people on Facebook to get fast, meaningful help when they need it most, and we look forward to continuing our work with them to help save lives.”





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