Some Tips For Wonderful Looking Arms

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There’s been a lot of interest by women on the arms of the first lady of the United States, Michelle Obama. Her arms are toned and smooth, not too thin or thick, and women all across the world are wondering how to get arms like that.

It doesn’t take a lot of work;  just some simple exercises that, if done on a consistent basis, can make your arms look like hers, or an athlete’s arms.

Most arm exercises are going to involve using weights of some type, but not all of them do. For instance, one arm exercise that can be done is to sit in a chair with strong armrests. Make sure the armrests are low, because you need to at least be able to have a chance to extend your arms. Put your hands on both armrests, and try to push your body up. You may not be able to lift your body without some help from your legs, which is fine. You don’t even have to lift your body out of the chair; it’s more important to get some resistance going to work the back of your arms rather than actually lifting your body.

Another way to work your arms without weights is with a ball of any size that bounces. The bigger the ball, the better your control will be. Then just start bouncing, or dribbling the ball, and try to do it for at least 3 to 5 minutes. A ball with a little weight behind it, such as a basketball, will help the workout some as the resistance will be greater every time it bounces back up, but a basketball might not work out so well in the house, which is why any ball that bounces can work.

Once you decide to use weights, it’s important to know what you’re looking for in determining how heavy you want your weights to be. Using smaller weights will give you slimmer arms, and allow you to work out longer, whereas using heavier weights will give your arms more muscular definition, but you’ll have to go slower, do fewer reps, and be more careful so you don’t hurt yourself.

The area that most women are looking to work is the triceps, which is the upper part of the arm, most specifically underneath the arm, where many women end up with loose, flabby skin. The most common exercise with weights is the curl, which can be done with a dumbbell, or handheld weight, or barbells, which is a weight lifted by both hands and a full bar.

If you’re using lower weights, dumbbells work best, or just using the barbell without weights on it. Sticking with weights under 10 pounds is best; for most women, using five pound weights will probably do you good. With lower weights, you won’t feel the strain all that much, and you can do more reps with less stress on your muscles.

If you’re using higher weights, you can’t do as many reps, or as many sets. With weight training, every time you use weights your muscles tear a little bit, and then grow back stronger, and this is a continuous process. With heavier weights, you could do damage trying to do as many reps, at least initially, like you could do with lower weights.

There are many other ways to use weights for your arms, and plenty of information available to learn other methods. The main thing to remember is to never over-stress your arms while using weights, or doing any other types of exercise, since your arms are probably one of the most used areas of your body.




  1. Thanks guys, I had great success with your tips. Thanks again!

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