Some tips if you take lunch in the office

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Theoretically, you should not do that. Is neither very healthy nor good for our figure But practically, many of us are going to take lunch in the office. Whether the lack of time or because, simply, we do not feel like going out of buildings, ordering lunch and prefer to eat at work.

Let’s see how things are – if you still do that and know that you will do the same in the future, be careful. We will first review the shortcomings in this process and after that we will see how we can fix things.

So, one of the biggest problems – you could disrupt the digestion process, put the food aside to send an e-mail, you still answer the phone or take a few notes. In other words, you can not disconnect from work and this will have repercussions on digestion. Maybe you will not realize it immediately, but it is conceivable that, after several months, you start to have stomach pain. Or you find that you start to take weight, because obviously you are not careful how much you eat.

On the other hand, eating in the office means you don’t spend eight hours, but nine hours. It very well that afternoon to take a short walk – what you can do by going to a nearby local, but hesitating because you seem to have lost a precious time. But you still have to lose, and maybe it’s something more important.
Not to say that the risk of small “accidents”: small bowl of ketchup could drop over some vital files.

What could you do?

Since (be honest with yourself) it is clear that you will not give up the habit, then should at least try to endorse you some rules of “workplace safety”.

* Be careful of what you have in your plate. Opportunity to eat more than usually is greater, since you’re not careful at this point but the last e-mail that has arrived and already preparing for that answer. Precisely to prevent such situations, opt for a salad. Opportunities are endless: chicken or turkey, fish, beef and so on.

* After every meal, make your desk clean. Use a disinfectant substance, as paper napkins are not enough in this situation. As I said: do not forget the mouse, keyboard and phone.

* Before you sit down, get rid of the most important files and papers around. Murphy watches and nobody knows when and what can happen.



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