Some useful tips on how to remove freckles

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Some people seem to find a few freckles quite attractive and special while others seem to be willing to do anything just to get them removed from their skin. In some cases the presence of too many freckles can be damaging for the person who owns them, as they can cause low self esteem that is not easy to repair once broken. For those who need some guidance on how to remove or at least make freckles less visible, here are a few ideas that seem to work.

1. It seems that freckles have a predisposition of appearing in spring and summer when we expose our skin more in the sunlight. A good thing to do in order to minimize the occurrence of freckles during these seasons would be applying plenty of sunscreens, especially those rating an SPF of 20 or above.

2. Bleaching creams are also a useful solution. You should purchase creams that contain hydroquinone and kojic acid, which can be obtained without a prescription. With these creams you have to be patient as their effect is visible only after months of continuous usage. In more resistant freckles you should see a dermatologist who can prescribe you a stronger cream against freckels.

3. Other more expensive freckle removal solutions would be laser therapy and cryosurgery. The last procedure involves the usage of liquid nitrogen for freezing each freckle one by one. If you opt for these procedures make sure you go to a specialized clinic not to a cosmetic saloon.

4. I have also looked into several natural methods you can use for taking care of your freckles. You can try a face mask made of lemon juice, parsley juice, and red currant juice in equal quantities, mixed with a little bit of cream or yoghurt. This mask should be applied a few times a week for visible effects.

5. Another natural mask could be obtained from cucumbers, strawberries and apricots mashed up and used together or separately with clay powder. Keep this mask for 20 minutes and then rinse it of with warm water.

I have learned in time that even though we can not get to look as great as we would like to there is no reason for feeling bad and disappointed, and we should always look on the bright side of the things and discover and highlight the good parts of our body instead.



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